Positioned For A Miracle – Part 4

Positioned For A Miracle Part 4

Part IV – Post-Miracle Hangover

If you’ve been kind enough to endure parts one, two, and three of this series, welcome to the fourth and final installment. I hope that my year of processing has been somewhat helpful, or at least thought-provoking, regarding this impossible-to-fully-understand topic. So far we’ve covered a brief study on the kinds of miracles we might encounter, both Expected and Unexpected, and in my last post I unpacked that window of time that often takes place right before a big move of God, where our faith and patience is tested on a different level – the Pre-Miracle Tension. To wrap things up, I’d like to share about one other major piece I had my eyes opened to last year as my family and I walked through several faith steps and got to experience God move in very personal ways. Unlike the Pre-Miracle Tension, this one takes place in the weeks and months following a supernatural breakthrough. I call it the Post-Miracle Hangover.

After just about any major life event, good or bad, there is a season when we have to process through what just happened. The birth of a baby, the death of a loved one, a big move, a wedding, a job change, etc . . . These things all have a trickle effect on every area of our lives and it takes time to get used to a new normal. Each day is full of questions, challenges, and victories.

I think it’s safe to say that any miraculous act of God in our lives can be categorized as a major live event. Sometimes there’s a big build-up with lots of anticipation, while other times it comes out of nowhere and surprises us. Either way though, there’s always a “before the miracle” and an “after the miracle” that marks time for us, and that time following it can get tricky if our hearts and minds are not prepared. It’s easy for us to put our guard down after a big breakthrough because it feels like that should be the big ending we’ve been waiting and praying for. But in most cases, that is just the beginning of a new season with its own set of struggles, attacks, and mountains to climb.

The Dwell App

The Dwell App

There’s been a few different times here on Before The Cross that I wanted to share about some innovations that have taken place in technology that I believe would have a huge benefit for the believer and today, another one of those has arrived. It’s called Dwell.

Some of you may have already heard about this, but it’s coming this summer. They are featured on Kickstarter currently and are crushing their goals as many more as starting to realize what is headed our way when it comes to listening to the Bible.

What I love is that the creators themselves (Jon and Josh) will be quick to remind you that there’s still a big place to study scripture, and at the same time…there’s something that takes place when we listen to it. Here’s a teaser video from them:

I’ve been talking with Jon and Josh about this product coming out and asked them if they wanted to share some words with the readers of BTC and this is what they had to say:

Positioned For A Miracle – Part 3

Positioned For A Miracle - Part 3

Part III – Pre-Miracle Tension

Almost a year and a half ago my husband and I along with our three boys started what would prove to be the most exciting but challenging adventure of our lives so far. In a nutshell we felt the Lord tell us to leave Texas, where we had called home for 12 years, and move to Tennessee. After months of prayer and seeking wise counsel, we began taking active steps toward moving. We encountered a number of obstacles that, had we not been 100% sure of God’s call, could’ve easily shut us down. But we powered through by His grace and on December 30, 2016 we pulled up to our new home and began settling into our new life.

I mentioned in the first post of this series that the word the Lord gave me for 2017 was MIRACLES and that all year long I tried to be intentional about looking for and even seeking after His supernatural stirrings. I spent time studying the miracles we read about in the Bible as well as His activity in our world today. I shared some of what I learned in parts one and two of this series regarding the kinds of miracles (both Biblical and current), with the main classifications being Expected and Unexpected, and the types that stem from those being Nature, Healing, Protection, Provision, and Salvation/Spiritual.

Today I want to focus on something interesting the Lord revealed to me shortly after our move; a particular window of time that takes place just before the Lord gets ready to work His wondrous magic. It occurs most commonly with expected miracles – mainly because with the unexpected kind, you don’t see it coming in enough time to even process things. I started lovingly referring to it as the “pre-miracle tension”. It’s that period of time leading up to the Lord doing something big, when the pressure of the need of a miracle gets heavier and starts pulling on our fleshly need to act and control. It can be weeks or even months, but just like pulling on a rubber band, the tightness starts to get really uncomfortable and we begin to question.

“Is He going to come through?”

“Did I miss something?”

“Is it too late?”

Positioned For A Miracle – Part 2

Positioned For a Miracle Part 2

Part II – A Brief Study II

In the first post of this series, we began diving into my word for 2017 – MIRACLES and some things the Lord spoke to my heart over the course of the year as I paid closer attention to his activity in and around me. We established the foundation that everything God does and does not do is solely for His glory and our good and from there began breaking down the different kinds of miracles that we read about in Scripture and experience today. I suggested that there are two main “categories” of miracles – Unexpected and Expected – and from there stem five sub-categories – Nature, Healing, Protection, Provision, and Salvation/Spiritual. We then unpacked Unexpected Miracles, “those events that occur with little to no warning, and perhaps even without your knowledge, that you may or may not have ever even prayed for” and from there discussed some examples.

So, now let’s dive into the realm of Expected Miracles. What sets these apart from the stories we discussed in the first post is that these, I believe, are God’s answer to that long-suffering, enduring hope of believers. Whether it’s a few hours or many years, asking God for a miracle and fully expecting Him to act will always lead to a supercharge of faith when that answer does finally come. So let’s walk through some examples of these special moves of God.

Positioned For A Miracle – Part 1

Positioned For A Miracle Part 1

Part I – A Brief Study I

Like many of you I’m sure, I go into each new year with a special word to serve as a sort of theme for the next 365 days. The hope is that these words will help guide our decisions, define our steps, and set some intentionality behind everything we do that year. Going into 2017, the word I felt God put on my heart was MIRACLES. At the very end of 2016, our little family made a giant move, literally, from Texas to Tennessee and in the months leading up to our transition we saw God do a number of miraculous things both in our own personal situation as well as in the lives of several people around us. I had tasted a new level of the “supernatural” and I wanted more!

What I wasn’t ready for was the testing and stretching that would come with this request to see more of the signs and wonders we read about in the Bible. So the further I got into the year, the more I began studying a little more about those moments of divine activity that occur all around us whether we choose to see it or not.

Now, I’ve never been a proponent for putting God in a box or thinking that we can somehow figure Him out this side of heaven. But I do believe that in studying His character and then correlating that with His handiwork, we can and will pick up on different patterns that might help us know how better to look for the miraculous in the everyday and even position ourselves to experience the unexplainable first-hand.