What’s making me happy

My sweet girls are in bed for the night. Steve is on his computer doing workish stuff. Here I sit, on my bed, with my computer, a glass of wine and They Might Be Giants on Spotify. My day is ending with the same kind of peace, calm, and contentment that it started with, and I couldn’t be more grateful. A few of the things that made my day:

Clarissa taking off her boot 
The gals held hands in the car, all the way from our house to my doctor’s office, which is a fifteen minute drive. When I was getting Clarissa out of the car, I had to actually pull their hands apart. 
I saw a bunch of little kids carrying their violins to school. I don’t know exactly why, but it filled me with joy. 
Coffee tasted particularly good to me today. Maybe it was the hazelnut soy creamer I put in it, or maybe it’s because Steve made it for me. I wanted to drink an entire pot of it, but I cut myself off after three cups, which was already pushing it in the jitters/sour stomach department. 

Post-Tantrum Veronica 

I really love podcasts. They are the soundtrack to my day. I don’t keep the tv on during the day; mostly because we don’t have cable and there is nothing good on daytime tv. Steve and I have plenty of music, but I prefer to listen to people talk. WPR/NPR used to be my go to, but I can only handle so much political chatter, so I listen to a slew of different podcasts instead. Today I got the newest episode of the Slate Culture Gabfest, which I like so much that I listened to it twice. I recently started listening to Pop My Culture Podcast and one of their latest episodes featured Tony Hale. Being a bit of an Arrested Development junkie, it made me happy just to hear his voice.

Kisses heal wounds these days. When the girls fall or get hurt, I can hold them, kiss the booboo and the tears fade quickly. This is a new development in the last week or so. It’s nice to have this in my bag of tricks for getting through the day.

I successfully reasoned with Veronica for the first time. I put her in her car seat when we were leaving the grocery store today. She started crying and freaking out, then started asking for milk, because she saw the soymilk in the grocery bag. I explained to her that I didn’t have a cup to put the milk in and that she’d have to wait until we got home. She calmed right down. When we got home, she walked right over to the fridge and asked for milk. I’m quite certain that she understood the whole situation.

Kix cereal has become my best friend. Clarissa and Veronica love it. When they don’t want to eat or are throwing a tantrum at meal time, I can give them a couple Kix and it’s like a reset button. Suddenly they are cooperative and happy to eat. Today about 10 Kix for each of them lead to a hearty lunch of squash, edamame, mixed tropical fruit and graham crackers. Before lunch, Veronica was going limp and refusing to get in her booster seat, but Kix fixed everything. I know it won’t work forever, but for now, I’ll take it.

Lastly, I made more of these brownies. They made me very, very happy. I probably shouldn’t have baked them. Nor should I have eaten as many as I did. They sure were delicious, though.

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