Teese Part 1: Mozzarella Edition

The awesome guys at Chicago SoyDairy sent me some of their soy cheese to try. It’s called Teese. Green Bay, Wisconsin may be known for cheese, but we are a vegan cheese dessert. All the stores carry the same two kinds, and while they are okay, it’s certainly not the best out there, especially for cooking.

The first kind of Teese I tried was the mozzarella. The short story is that it’s awesome! It shreds super easily. It’s creamy and tastes quite like mozzarella (or what I remember mozz to taste like). This is what mozzarella Teese looks like when it’s shredded:

Last Saturday, Steve and I made homemade pizza, on which we debuted the Teese. Our pizza looked like this, before it was baked:
Then we had an unfortunate incident with the pizza peel and when the pizza came out of the oven, it looked like this:
Since the first attempt at using Teese turned out a little less than beautiful, although incredibly delicious, I decided to make a little personal pizza with the leftovers (mushrooms, sauce and mozzarella Teese). 

So, the verdict is that we loved mozzarella Teese. It was tasty, easy to use, and had a wonderful texture. If it were available in stores in Green Bay, I’d be eating it all.the.time (that’s a hint Chicago SoyDairy guys). 

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