20 Months

My girls are 20 months old today. Last week I had a minor panic attack (no joke) about Clarissa and Veronica turning two. I adore watching the girls grow and learn. I am incredibly grateful that those tiny little babies have become strong, happy, little kids. But I am not ready to give up their baby-ness. I eat up every second that they let me hold them, every time they want to snuggle in and fall asleep in my arms. I love how small and fragile they feel when I wrap them up in a towel after their bath (that is, when Veronica is not screaming and trying to bite me, post bath).
Veronica and a Shopping Cart
Veronica’s pre-breakfast ensemble


Clarissa and Veronica are still not particularly verbal. They know so many words, they just don’t say them. They are starting to differentiate colors, they know their stuffed animals by name (crocodile, monkey, hedgehog, etc). They can identify lots of different foods, people and clothing items by name.

Clarissa Jane Chubby Cheeks
The only non-blurry photo I’ve gotten of Clarissa today, in which you can actually see her face


Both of the girls can put on pants correctly, as long as they get help pulling them up over their diapers. They can also put a shirt over their head and get it turned around the right way. Sometimes they can even get one arm in correctly. They have become quite interested in clothing. They like to pick clothes out, put on jackets and boots and will always wear a hat if it’s available.

Papa and Veronica
Veronica and Papa


My favorite aspect of this age is the way my daughters show each other compassion and love. Sure, they push, hit, bite, and steal toys from one another (all of which we’re working on). On the other hand, they give hugs, snuggle together, and try to comfort each other when they are hurt or sad. Clarissa will bring Veronica toys when she is crying. Veronica will put her head on Clarissa’s shoulder when she is upset. If they are this close and tied to one another at 20 months, I can only imagine how strong their bond will be when they are school age. It is, by far, my favorite aspect of having twins.

Clarissa Style
Clarissa’s pre-breakfast ensemble

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