My Sweet Little Clarissa

Clarissa is sick. She has a runny nose and her skin around her nose is all chapped.  Her eyes look tired and have been watering. She sneezes a lot during the day. At night, she wakes up crying/screaming. I think it’s because she can’t breathe well. It really breaks my heart to watch her feel so miserable and not really be able to help. I snuggle her as much as I can. We let her sleep in our bed when she wakes up at night, so she can have her head up on the pillow and be comforted until she can fall back to sleep. The girls have been incredibly healthy, so this is one of the only times that I’ve had to worry about them being sick in their 18 months. I think they’ve been sick two other times, and that’s it. We are blessed to have healthy babies (please say prayers, knock on wood, or cross your fingers for their continued health).

Here’s a picture of Clarissa with Bubba (my mom) yesterday. She has been in very good spirits, considering her cold.

And just for good measure, a picture of Veronica being silly:

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